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The music industry is about to be flipped upside down across America and around the world with fresh voices, new sounds and dope beats — prepare your ears for some major mash-ups because music in 2023 is all about sounds “on fleek” as we’re BREAKIN’ HITS! We are pulling back the curtain on the creative process of the music industry and taking you inside the most popular way to bust open the damn on the hottest way to make a hit, via the collaboration process. Witness how a hit is born, step by step, from conception to a LIVE performance. Every song on BREAKIN’ HITS will be an original that will keep you on your feet and hungry for another taste of a sweet, original song.

Each week, teams of artists and collaborators are paired together to create new songs, to be performed in front of a LIVE audience.
Viewers are taken behind the scenes. From the first meetings between collaborators to the final run through of a song, we will see all the hits and misses. Expect fighting, blowups, meltdowns and all of the “Come to Jesus” conversations along the way to the live show. And when two well matched minds join together, prepare to have your mind and ears blown.

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BREAKIN’ HITS! We’re revealing the insides of the music company’s creative process and taking you inside the cooperative process, which is currently the hottest approach to create a hit.


Listen to some hot tracks by Glenn Shayne.

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